The printing industry receives a significant security boost as Koenig & Bauer and Veracity Protocol join forces to collaborate.

Veracity Protocol
2 min readApr 20, 2023

Koenig & Bauer, a leading manufacturer of print solutions, and Veracity Protocol, a deep-tech provider of Vision AI solutions for product identification and authentication, have announced a strategic collaboration. The two companies plan to develop solutions, based on Veracity Protocol’s advanced technology, which is based on the microstructure of the object, to create a new security layer for non-invasive identification of printed products.

Veracity Protocol provides a new security layer for non-invasive identification of printed products.

Prevention of counterfeiting and protection of IP

The printing industry is a global service, valued at over $800 billion in 2020, and a core to many industries such as FMCG, CPG, Pharmaceutical, Governmental or Logistic to name a few. This collaboration between Koenig & Bauer and Veracity Protocol is set to bring a new level of security and confidence to these industries, by using cutting-edge technology to prevent counterfeiting and protect intellectual property.

Security boost of the printing industry

The main benefits of this collaboration for customers of the printing industry will be increased security, easy deployment and sustainability. Veracity Protocol’s Vision AI technology allows for fast, accurate, and tamper-proof identification and authentication of products. Overall, this collaboration between Koenig & Bauer’s Banknote Solution and Veracity Protocol is set to provide secure and reliable solutions for non-invasive identification and authentication of the printed products.

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Veracity Protocol is an award-winning startup that builds a Vision AI Standard to protect people and products in the digital world. The standard guarantees the highest level of trust and security for verifying the identity, authenticity, and integrity of physical objects using a smartphone.

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