Is traceability the future for businesses? It’s time to prepare.

With supply chain traceability, manufacturers can easily investigate or recall products when a problem occurs.

With the right traceability solution, you can track the provenance and journey of products and their inputs from the very start of the supply chain process to the end use case.

Supply Chain Traceability

With the right solution, companies can lower costs and prevent compliance issues, while protecting customers and employees.

Identification and localization technologies are very important tools for traceability.

Veracity Protocol’s technology has 99.9% accuracy with real-world applicability and works in various light conditions, angles, and on many materials.

Veracity Protocol enables any camera to create a tamper-proof Physical Code™ based on an item’s material structure. This secures its authenticity, identity, and security — without special hardware, embedded tags, chips, or markers.

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Veracity Protocol

Veracity Protocol


The Protocol of Trust for Physical Objects • Protecting customers, brands, and national security / #traceability #trust #authentication #protection #security